Migraine Relief – EFT For Headaches

This is a guest post by Holly Gutermann

A headache is a very common ailment. Almost everyone has suffered a headache at least once in his or her life. Then there are those unfortunate souls who suffer from a headache on a regular basis. The most popular response to this condition is the use of commercially available pain killers. While they are able to alleviate the pain, the effects of pain killers are only temporary and some of them have side effects that are worse than headaches. These pain killers contain harmful ingredients that accumulate in the body only to wreak havoc in the not so distant future. Headaches can even be caused by taking these pain killers, making the whole situation much worse and very frustrating. Therefore, natural remedies are becoming ever increasingly more popular.

Fortunately for headache sufferers, there is a safe method to take away their pain and this method is called the emotional freedom technique or EFT. EFT for headaches is increasingly becoming popular as more and more people are discovering the wonders of this all natural method.

EFT is a technique that can be traced back to the ancient Chinese healing system. EFT utilizes the same meridian points that the Chinese healing art of acupuncture uses. Instead of using needles though, EFT employs the use of the tips of the fingers. It is therefore easier to perform than acupuncture In fact, a person who knows EFT can administer the treatment to himself in the comfort of his own home. In addition to the tapping of the meridian points, EFT also uses affirmations, words that are meant to elicit a particular response from the body. EFT for headaches has been used extensively by many people in recent years and with good results. This is the reason why EFT has grown in popularity in recent years. Even medical professionals are known to use the technique as a supplement to conventional forms of therapy.

EFT can be easily learned. Almost anyone can do it. If can use your fingers to tap certain parts of your body and if you can say affirmations, then you can already do EFT. There are many EFT resources available. Be sure though that you get information regarding EFT from a reliable source so you will get the best out of your experience.

EFT for headaches is a wonderful alternative to dangerous drugs. It is a safe and effective method that provides a more lasting relief from headaches. EFT can even be used for migraine sufferers and those who suffer from chronic headaches. EFT has no known side effects and can be used with other kinds of healing methods. To find out more about EFT and getting rid of your headaches, see:   rel=nofollow http://www.squidoo.com/EFT_for_headaches

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